The History of the VCI

The Vespa Club of Ireland was founded in late 2006 / early 2007 by a group of keen Vespa enthusiasts after a discussion on the ScootEireann forum. Since those intial words, momentum grew into what you now see before you.

We have a formal club with respectable membership which is growing by the week; we have a forum for discussion, technical help,events and small ads among other things.

At the minute we are busy getting structures in place to ensure that the VCI will be a steadfast fixture for support for Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland Vespa fans alike for the foreseeable future.

We hope to expand our services in the near future to include frame and engine identification and also a database for Vespa ownership in Ireland. As well as that we hope to be in position to host our first major national VCI rally in 2008 and to launch a club magazine somewhere down the tracks...

In the meantime, members can avail of discounts with selected scooter suppliers, insurance discounts (tbc) and free associated membership of the Vespa World Club.

We will be adding functionaly to the site on an ongoing basis and hope to include a shop feature in the coming weeks.