Welcome to the VCI

Throughout the production time of the Vespa many changes were made to the body or the engine but the appearance was kept in kind of the same fashion throughout. Anyone can see the similarity of the Vespa family.

The Vespa Club of Ireland and its members try to link up with the passion and the heritage the Vespa left through the decades. Made a style icon in the late 50's / early 60's by youths in working-class England, who saw the Vespa and her less reliable sister the Lambretta as a unique and cheap way to get about.

Much was said about Mods and their claim to have made the Scooter the icon it is today, but basically it was people like you and me who simply got infected by the passion for an underpowered 'Italian Shopping bike' and developed the scene into the diverse affair it is nowadays.

Old and young, Mods and Scooterboys are gathered in this Club to keep the Vespa alive and to provide help to people with Vespa Scooters. Have a look around the site, the history section or others, join the forum and feel the buzz between the members and guests.

Look around the many topics and don't hesitate to join in and have your say, ask questions or generally join the craic! The site is like a ride on a Vespa: the best thing ever!

Vespa GS

Vespa GS